Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Well football has started, and do you know what that means?

Commercials, specifically the shortened down infomercial variety. While annoying, I think these things serve an actual purpose in society.

I'm sure you've all seen the shaker weight. No?

Now, everyone knows what this shaker weight really looks like and we snicker, BUT imagine your in a sports bar/party.

1. Somebody will scream OH MY GOD IT LOOKS LIKE THEy'RE JACKING OFF!!!
2. Somebody will admit to buying it and either praise/criticize the product.

Either way normal people now know to not associate with these people because, nobody likes a vulgar captain obvious. and you should never buy anything off of TV. Ever.

So for the Shit Storm give us the best infomercial ever.

My pick? This fucking thing.

Ok shit storm begin.

/Pours one out for Billy Mays.


  1. Monsters of rock cd collection.

  2. The Gazelle Trainer.

    It features the inventor, Tony Little, who is this crazy guy with a ponytail coming out the back of his hat like my/your mom. He invented it after getting into a ridiculously traumatizing motorcycle accident, which he describes in vivid detail during his every cut.

    Apparently it's easy on the knees, which he shattered at one point. When life gives you lemons, enjoy them, because you're about to have a motorcycle accident.

  3. Shit gets intense when he shows you that the gazelle works not only straight up, but also leaning backwards and forwards.

  4. The Cami Secret. Because it's about boobs, you see.

  5. I love how informercials make the tiniest nonconvenience (e.g. Cami Secret: adjusting an undershirt) seem like it's the never ending screw being driven into your skull by the Ghost of Hitler.