Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning Sh*t Storm

For today's shit storm, let's go with "Sport You'd Most Like To See Become Professional At Some Point." You know, like club sports or recreational activities that are fun but don't have the following of the NFL or MLB.

My vote is Ultimate Frisbee.

Before you go all hipster-bashing on me, know this: I liked it before it was hipster, because it's like football, but with a frisbee. When I'm really bored at work, you know, that type of bored where you're staring at the keyboard in front of you wondering if the decisions you've made in your life are the right ones and if not how you're ever going to dig yourself you of this hole, this rut, this chasm that is your life in your mid-twenties...when I'm that bored at work, I google the word "Frisbee" just because I think it's about the most fun thing you could ever invent. And the guy who invented it looks like he knows a thing or two about fun.

Alright. Unconventional sport you'd like to see professionalized. Go.



  2. Thanks Zack,

    It's 1:15 and I just realized I forgot the shit storm.

    We've done this before (comes with the shitstorming territory) but I still maintain that a powerball league needs to be created.

  3. No Joke - There is this game we played in middle school called Angle Ball. If you can find it, i seriously suggest you look it up. It has a similar style to lacrosse/hockey/soccer meets ultimate frisbee but you're carrying (about) 2 lbs worth of mother fuckin dodgeball. Boo-Yah.

    On each side of the grass, which is about the length of a soccer field, is a 15-17" tall Poll holding, you guessed it, a 10-12lb dodgeball. Team structure is similar to hockey/soccer and (if memory serves correct) you can take up to 10 steps before you have to pass or throw the ball.

    Obective: Knock the 10-12Lb dodgeball of that tall motha fuckin post, with the 2lb worth of MFing DB. High score wins.

    (don't worry the 10b dodgeball is on a roap with a set pully system so it's easy to reset the point)

  4. Zack, that link got me. Nice intro-link.

  5. Whatever happened to good ole fashioned smear the queer?