Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The real reason everyone hates Michael Bolton

Slowpitch season is starting to heat up which means millions of Americans will partake in the least competitive game in the world.

We all know that softball guy. You know the ones who take it waaaay too seriously.
They buy batting gloves, $100 dollar bats, Oakley shades. They take batting practice, keep stats, they throw it around the horn, and they go all out in Coed leagues.

But never, have I seen a softball guy take it so far.

Go here for a better video from Everything is Terrible.

Now I'm sure everyone remembers Michael from the comedy classic Office Space.

That movie was the first time I learned that Bolton was a no talent ass clown, but I figured Bolton hatred was just a trend. I mean he seemed like a perfectly nice fellow. I figured Office Space made it cool to hate Michael Bolton.

But then I watched this video and realized;
Michael Bolton has a slowpitch softball instructional video.
Michael Bolton has his own team called "The Bolton Bombers"
Michael Bolton thinks his music is a "Home Run" or a "Grand Slam"
Michael Bolton wants to "advance the game of slow pitch softball
Michael Bolton wants to travel the country challenging the best slow pitch softball teams in each state and eventually each city.

Michael Bolton is a tool.

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