Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fight on USC

I hate to break up our little World Cupcakke but we need to address some issues in CFB.

I've written a couple posts about the clusterfuck that is CFB. I'll get to Big 12 Jenga in a little bit, but first let's cover what we know.


Here is what I wrote last night when the NCAA sanctions were received by USC.

Look, I know everyone is excited about the World Cup, myself included, but we really need to address the shit that has been happening in the College Football world.

First thing I'll talk about is the impending sanctions facing USC. Finally after an investigation rivaling the Warren Commission the USC will release the findings/penalties either Thursday or Friday.

Given the allegations that Reggie Bush received an estimated $300,000 and a new house, I think it's safe to assume he'll retroactively lose his eligibility.

Now this really doesn't affect Bush other than the fact he'll most likely lose his Heisman Trophy.

For USC any ineligible players usually means vacated wins and most importantly the 2004 MNC.

Where it gets interesting is if the NCAA decides to go the Alabama route. Limiting scholarships wouldn't nescisarilly hurt the Trojans, but I'd be more worried about the loss of TV deals and post season bans. THAT could really F with an established program like USC with a brand new coach. But you know what? If anyone can lie and sleaze a pitch to recruits it's Lane Kiffin.

Well the sanctions came in late last night, Here is a response from L.A


So let's see. Not only do they get the postseason ban, but they also lose 30 scholarships over a three year period, 10 per year.

Oh yeah, and vacated wins.

To put that into perspective, every DI team gets 85 scholarships. Depending on each teams situation (Unless they oversign....Looking at you Saban) This year they have 7 verbals. In previous years they had 20, 18, 19, 18 which, as you can assume, is pretty standard for any BCS school. In effect they'll be losing 8-10 guys per year.

The problem with this is that teams don't win games with the top 10% of guys, and you don't win with the bottom 10%. You win with the 80% in the middle, and this is precisely the group a significant scholarship limit will fuck in the ass.

Just ask Alabama and Miami.

Next problem is the postseason ban. Sure, you lose money, but it will also affect recruiting. As I mentioned earlier it's a tough sell telling a kid "Hey have you heard how all those other coaches told you how sweet bowl games are? Well we won't be doing that for your first two years here." But the biggest problem, and this will test Kiffin's douche level, with the two year ban USC juniors and Seniors can transfer and play the next season.

/Urban Boner
//Saban Boner

USC fans seem to be surprised, I can't fathom why. I guess they are used to mommy and Daddy giving them $296,000, Limo's, A house, and other free shit. But don't blame Reggie. Ok blame him, he comes off as a dumbass and huge asshole, but I'd like Forbes to do some type of study showing exactly how much he made your school. Oh and NCAAssholes don't act all high and mighty. Bush played in one of the greatest CFB games of all time, and USC gave you the highest rated game to date.

To be sure, USC didn't get taken out to the shed because Bush got so much money, it's because USC was aware of the whole situation. If it wasn't for that/self report after the 05 season I think we're looking at vacated wins, and some type of probation.

Final thing, I usually hate Tennessee but hopefully Smokey is howling Rocky Top in Knoxville tonight. Lane Kiffin has to be the dumbest, most egotistical coach in the universe. I mean EVERYONE was talking about this when he left Tennessee.

I'll be impressed if you keep that .363 winning percentage.


(not listed in the report, Leinart's free cases of Smirnoff Ice)


  1. You forgot /MackBrown Boner, and that Vince gets his Heisman. Finally.

  2. Well I was thinking about Mack, but I dont think he'd be the guy to start hinting at USC players the day they find out they wont be going to any more bowls.