Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Ok gang, this week we have a request from one of our readers.

Best childhood sports movie.

I'm going to stay out of this hunt, but I feel like this space gives me an opportunity to go on a classic Lattimer rant.

Childhood sports movies today blow ass. Major ass. I mean instead of legendary figures like Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez we have a primate leading teams to victory. The grinding play of Charlie Banks has been replaced by Zack Efron's flowing locks and "fresh" beats. And the most glaring difference is the iconic girl badasses, (Icebox, Connie Moreau, Julie "The Cat" Gaffney etc.) have been replaced with female characters portrayed as victims.

Oh and don't even get me started about the coaches.

Anyway I feel bad for this generation because they are now growing up with pure shit in terms of sports movies.

That is all, Shit Storm Begin.


  1. I'm a big Angels in the Outfield fan, new version. I'll often times make indicipherable references to the film during baseball games or softball games I play in.

  2. I've shared my feelings before on Angels in the Outfield. I think it's a terrible movie, but thats just me.

    Plus little big league has much more baseball elitism.

  3. Rookie of the Year is a must see for youngsters to give them hope that they too can throw a 106MPH fastball.

  4. "Rookie of the Year is a must see for youngsters to give them hope that they too can throw a 106MPH fastball."

    ....And hook up with Julie "The Cat" Gaffney.

  5. Mighty Ducks. 1 and 2. The 3rd was just retarded I mean how do you go from beating Team Iceland to playing for your high school scholarship? The Bash Brothers, Kenny Wu, The Cat goalie, Luis Mendoza from Miami FL, Charlie, Adam Banks (cake eater), GOLDBURG and of course the one and only Emilio Estevez who only got into the coaching gig because he got a DUI??? Great life values, better movie.

  6. My favorite part was when Goldberg farted.

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  8. I vote for Ladybugs.

  9. Little Giants. "I call this the Annexation of Puerto Rico."