Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

The Italian national team plays today. In honor of the Italians and their surprisingly accurate stereotypes we'll have a shit storm about Pizza.

I feel like I'm fairly good at judging pies. I've been to a lot of places, tried a lot of pizza. both good, and bad.

I'm completely unbiased in this endeavor, for instance Osama Bin Laden could roll up and hand me a delicious pie and I would give him all the credit in the world. Then I would shoot him. I always wondered how Pizza Hut and Domino's stayed in business. It's quite possibly the worst pizza in the world, however in certain locations it is the best anyone can get. And that my friends is a crime against humanity.

Now I'm not going to give you some type of food network inspired rating system, I think the hobbers can handle themselves. However I will mention that the price of the pizza can greatly affect the taste. The one great thing about my current location is the fact that I can get a large pie for $10 American and it will probably be better than anything you have.

Ok so shit storm, best pizza. Go


  1. Thin crust is for the gays. Go eat your crackers elsewhere, you dandies.

  2. Chicago-style deep dish is the way to go. It's my favorite. I went to one place in Chicago that had a cornmeal crust, which was bafflingly delcious. I also don't care for veggies on my pizza, but I'll deal.

  3. Two words: pizza taco.

  4. See I'm not a huge fan of Chicago style. I think it's nice to have every once and a while but I don't know about an every day pizza.

  5. I had authentic italian pizza from an Italian my brother worked with. It sucked.