Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!!!

So this weekend it seemed like everyone went batshit crazy over Gruden's draft performance.

1. Told you
2. Well yeah, he was a coach as oppose to you know, a BYU Douchebag who just says random shit for the fun of it. (No offense to BYU or the Mormon faith)
3. Why are you watching ESPN instead of NFL network with my main man Mike Mayock?

Anyway it got me thinking about the emphasis we place on the people who provide us with sports information.

So, for the Shit Storm we are going to create the best broadcasting team for each sport. We've hated on broadcasters for so long that it seems fair to give credit where it is due.

My team for football.

Gus Johnson as play by play. (Keith Jackson has his own category)
Chris Spielman on the color.
Erin Andrews on the sideline.


Wait for it........

Bill Belichick in the booth.

I would just love to hear him mutter. "cover 3 right here" at random points throughout the game. I also think his "yeah smash route" line following Gus Johnson's Touchdowngasm would add a nice balance.

Shit Storm begin.


  1. Pepe Espinosa used to do play-by-play for Fox in Spanish. So him, Bryan Cox and Moose Johnston in the booth.

    And Erin Andrews on the sideline.

  2. The late great Howard Cosell

  3. Pat Summeral is the man. Match him up with Tony Kornheiser, and I'll take Deion Sanders on the sideline, with an obligatory nod to Erin Andrews in the event that Primetime has no time for the sideline.

  4. Mark Jackson and Jeff Gundy do a great job together. I want to have Bill Walton replace Doug Collins, though.

  5. Ok. Hubie Brown is paired with NBA TV's amazing combo of Chris Webber and Gary Payton. Craig Sager does the sideline reporting.