Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Who's ready to get fucked?!"

Yeah, I'm back, bitches!

Did you pansies have fun piddling around with each other while daddy was gone? I sure hope you did, because that shit is over and done with, faggots. Tiger is back, and he is ready to fuck all of you.

You see this shaft right here? It's just aching to smack you guys in the face for doubting me. These balls? Well, let me tell you, I'm going to put these balls places that you only WISH you could put your balls.

You're going to be in awe of what I'm about to do. I'll hook you, fade you, make that shit BITE! I'm going to start of ravenous on the front, but just you WAIT until I get to the backside.

Sure, try and handicap Tiger. Just shows how scared you are of this beast. You think backing me up is going to prevent me from muscling myself in exactly where I want? You forgot how long and accurate I am. Foolish of you.

I'm not fucking around with any of the untrimmed stuff, either. I'm putting it right where I want it. In the trimmed and manicured or get the fuck out, YAKNOWWHATIMSAYING?!


Wait, wait, that came out wrong. Let me start over...

[Image via WithLeather]