Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!!!

Lot's of Shit Storm ideas, I just have to remember them.

Ok so during Easter you eat a lot and typically there is some type of decoration. Only reason I mention this is to try to justify this storm.

(h/t Warming Glow)

I feel like there are always discussions on the most attractive Food Channel/travel channel personality. The crazy thing about this is that people are extremely loyal to their favorites. For instance here is a conversation I recently heard.

girl 1: I can't stand Anthony Bourdain, such a pretentious asshole.

girl 2: You shut your mouth Bourdain is the sexiest man in the world.

So for this shit storm we need to have the definitive debate on the most attractive personality on TV. Now, I use the term attractive because it could mean many things. For example Sandra Lee is very milfy, but she also makes these delicious looking cocktails with umbrellas in them. You see, her decor adds to the attractiveness.

The rules:
1. I would like to keep this to food/travel network type personalities. I understand there may be some channel crossover, but try to keep it within the parameters.
2. Reality show judges only, no contestants. (Yes Padma is in play)
3. BBC is in play.
4. Retired/no longer on TV is in play.
5. Male and Female divisions, and obviously we can multiple votes for each personality.

(I also should not have to say this, but there is zero homerism component to this shit storm)

Ok onto my selection.

Giada De Laurentiis.

Some people get annoyed with her over prouncing all the eeeeeeeeeetalllllain foods but I think it only adds to the show. Between her chicken tetrazinni and her smashing of garlic I'm utterly captivated. She also studied in Rome so you know she's legit.

Ok let's do it. Begin the foodgasm.


  1. I've been in love with Giada for a while now. I can shut up the girls I work with by putting cooking on, and I just get to look at cleavage.

    But since that's off the board... I'll take Samantha Brown.

  2. I'm gonna go with Marcela Valladolid from Mexican Made Easy.

    I was gonna say Brooke Burke (and then everyone else would be playing for second place), but she hosted 'Wild On' the travel show on E! not the travel channel.

  3. I'll take Brooke Burke, but just barely. I was hoping to get some more input from the ladies, but I forgot our blog is a sausage fest.

    A sausage fest that Giada could whip into a lovely Orecchiette.

  4. Nina Garcia, Editor in Chief of Marie Claire Magazine and Panelist on Project Runway. It'd be hateful.

  5. There's no contest - Giada. I want to live in that cleavage.

  6. Bridget Marquardt from "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches."

  7. You know I really like Bridget, very attractive, but I just can't stand to listen to her.

    Plus I got really put off by the whole "I went to college, I have a communications degree," On the girls next door.

    It seems that Giada is winning the girls division but I'm really surprised nobody put down Sandra Lee or Ingrid Hoffman.