Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some S--t went down!!!

OK, OK, OK let's just take a step back and analyze what went down the past couple days.

First we have the NCAA tourney. Personally I like Duke, and Icehouse pretty much summed up the feelings of the rest of you. However I feel like we're all missing the big picture. This tournament wasn't about the upsets, the last second shots, the glamour. No this was about one man taking his rightful place at the top of the sports broadcasting mountain. That man is Gus Johnson.

And now here's my excuse to post this video from the evil genius mind of Punte.

Please let him announce amens corner this weekend.

In other news Donovan McNabb got traded to the Redskins. Did you hear about this, have you heard about this? On one hand the news was awesome. Why? Well it completely overshadowed the douche fest known as Yankees/Redsox opening day. On the other hand it brought about hyperbolic garbage from both sides.

Let's put this into perspective. McNabb is a good QB who is starting to get older. His major fault is what I like to call the La La land syndrome. There are just certain times in game where he just completely shits the bed. The other thing about McNabb is that the past couple years he's had an outstanding receiving crew and a serviceable offensive line. These are things not typically found in The Beltway. Oh and one more thing per that article. Shanahan is not the guy who got all that production out of his line. The guy is Alex Gibbs, (OL coach) who put his own special twist on zone blocking.

The last negative aspect of this trade is the appearance of Redskins fans touting the return to the glory years. Oh you haven't met a Skins fan? Let me introduce you.

Keep it real Yo, Fairfax for life.

In other QB news The rams just cut Marc Bulger. I'd like to introduce you to the number one pick and savior of the St. Louis franchise.

/Breathes deeply.


Finally, opening day occured. El Hombre went 4/4 with two slama lama ding dongs and the Northside college transplants needing a trendy baseball hat's gave up 16.

All is right.

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  1. I'm completely incapable of passing over the KHAAAAAAN! link. I just have to click on it.

    I can't even hear anything right now. But I clicked on it.