Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Manute Bol is ready for the Kentucky Derby. Are YOU?!

Personally, I'm not. It's NASCAR Unplugged. And it only lasts two minutes. I can youtube that shit, if I wanted to. Not to take away from the pageantry, or the drunkenness or dressing up like dandy or whatever the fuck it is that's so special about it.



First up, from Lattimer, we have Bill Walton being Bill Walton.

Next, we have Bango the Milwaukee Bucks mascot showing up every mascot out there. As this video and the next one show, Bango is pretty bodacious.

Moving on, now we have Bango again, kicking the shit out of Hawks fans. I always thought "Fear the Deer" was a pretty 'tarded catchphrase. Now I know that it's savvy advice.

Next up, Travis Pastrana does a back flip in a video that starts inexplicably with some fireworks. Hey, he knows how to grab my attention.

Lesson learned: Win the game first, celebrate second.

And finally, a gangster-ass soccer celebration.

That's all for this week, sluts. Enjoy your mint juleps.


  1. Nascar unplugged = Hot girls, drinking, gambling, and horse racing? I think not.

    If I ever coach a kids soccer team they are definitely doing that celebration, and my kid is not going to be the one to get the pistol tat.

  2. Yes, horse racing is NASCAR unplugged. You see, the horses have no source of artificial power, like a car does. Hence, "unplugged." It is also a race in a circle, very much like NASCAR.

    Drinking and gambling are existent in every sporting event, so that's out.

    What hot girls are you talking about? Fans? Is there a part of the competition that involves a wet t-shirt contest? Every jockey in this year's running was male, however there was one female horse. Is that what you're talking about?

  3. I want to see a photo of that Jockey with the smallest horse in the world.