Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!

This MMSS promises to be short and sweet, like me dipped in chocolate sauce:

Greatest Off-the-Field Distraction.

Answers must take into account the magnitude of the game from which one is distracted (Super Bowl > Jusy Any Ol' NFL Game, Masters > FedEx Cup, etc.) as well as the distraction itself (Michael Vick Busted On Dogfighting > Adrian Peterson Getting a Speeding Ticket).

Mine's timely.

Arguably, the second-biggest name in golf is Phil Mickelfatson. He is also called "Lefty" because he plays...wait for it...left-handed. So this weekend he wins, again arguably, the biggest major tournament of the year, the Masters. CNN's breaking-news-to-the-minute headline?

"Tiger Finishes Fourth in Masters; Mickelson wins"

Oof. When you don't get top billing on your on tournament? That's distraction.

Plus, I think hitting a tree with your car and a bunch of ho's falling out of it is a pretty lofty action worth a distraction.

Hobbmentors: Commence the banter.


  1. Pacman Jones and the strip club catastrophe at the Las Vegas NBA All-Star game.

  2. Ricky Williams and his whole thing with the weed and not playing football and stuff

  3. Read anonymous's post slowly, with many pauses, and in the voice of a stoner.

  4. don't forget to add "Man" at the end of it.

  5. Also, Where the hell do you find these pictures. This one of Lefty putting from the rough is priceless.