Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

For the end of holy week, we have the most Jesus'd-out future NFL benchwarmer and several of his... disciples.

First up we have a drunken brawl in Whataburger. Narrated by some H-town rappers. Sweet.

Next up, one of the greatest sports movies ever, RAD, has an epic ending scene. So here it is the Helltrack scene, set to a new song by Cut/Copy. Pretty trippy and sweet.

Everyone's favorite Super Bowl commercial combined with one of my favorite players in the league. You win, Mavs. You win.

Now, what is sure to be every Hobber's first selection the next time we do the athletes in movies thing.

And because I just saw Terry Crews in that clip, we have Cheeseburger Eddie himself doing yet another awesome Old Spice commercial.

Sweet. Happy Easter, y'all.


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  2. So... can I have your roommate's phone number?