Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Caption Contest!

We're finally right in the middle of Spring. NBA Playoffs start this weekend, and baseball season is a go. It's going to be good. Now let's get some much needed captions to these pictures.

First up, Tiger and Big Ben, hamming it up.

Next, Deshawn Stephenson gets his pong on.

And finally, Pau Gasol explains something to Phil Jackson.

These are some of the best pictures we've had in a while. Have at it.


  1. 1. Ben, Whatever you do DON'T TEXT These Ho's.
    2. Deshawn: I'm like the black Chuck Norris of Ping Pong. Enter Chuck Norris with round house. No Deshawn....No.
    3. Pau: Fuck Geico, Fuck Geico, Fuck Geico, Fuck Geico and Fuck You! I'm out!

  2. Ben: Oh, hey Becky.
    Tiger: Becky? Really? Me too!
    (Series of fist bumps)
    Together: ESKIMO BROTHERS!

  3. #3)

    Pau: "Look, I need a breather, but whatever you do, don't let that mustachioed fuck at the end of the bench into the game."

  4. 3.) Phil: You know yelling and making large, flailing gestures won't make me understand your garbled English any better.

  5. 2) When I was in China on the All-American Ping Pong team, I just loved playing ping-pong with my Flexolite ping pong paddle.

  6. 3) Fisher: "I really wish Pau would stop taking his pants off on the bench and drying off with his towel."

    Powell: "He does what???.....That's my towel, freakin' Spaniard."

  7. Pau: "Pau dont think Phil fellatio appropriate motivator"

  8. Odem: Damn is that why Phil likes Kobe so much?

  9. 1.) Ben: mean, you can *convince* them to bang you just because you're famous? Amazing.

    2.) This bitch don't realize I skunked Yao Ming three games in a row. POW.

    3.) Look - you get me from Tennessee Bears for *this* many goats. What else you would like from me on court, coach?

  10. 3)

    Phil: "Pau! Get in the game!"

    Pau: [points to index finger] "I have a fucking booboo!"

  11. Tiger lets make a deal...Since quarter backs are prone to sex scandals and rape charges, if anything ever happens to me you got my back right? take some of the heat off me?

    Tiger: I feel like we should get Jessie James in on this.

  12. 2) Today wasn't the first day that Mark Cuban had doubts about Deshawn Stephenson's workout regimen, but how could he say no to that face?