Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm!!!

Well holy dogshit. I've been slacking for a while, but after this Tuesday I'm ready to return with a vengeance.

I'll make it quick, there are great sports movies, and there are great songs.

So lets combine that shit.

Best songs in "sports movies."
There it is. Shit storm begin.


  1. Elizabeth Shue's bobby socks are hot

  2. Instead of pussyfooting around like last time, I'll just get to it.

    My favorite music in a sports movie is the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, performed by Explosions in the Sky.

    Does it help that this is my favorite band? Yes. Does it help that this movie was based on my favorite book growing up? Yes. Does it help that this is my favorite sports movie? Yes.

  3. Lunatic Fringe or Hungry For Heaven from Vision Quest. Probably the former, just for the pump up value during the pre-match workout.

  4. I like it when you call me big papa, Hardball.

    Yea bitch, we the Kekambas.

    By the way, this was our intramural basketball team name. Our jerseys had I like it when you call me big papa on the front. Bow. Down.

  5. "Break the Ice" from Rad. One of the best movie intros of all time.

  6. Rudy when he makes the tackle in Rudy. The score is just amazin'.

    Best line? "WHO'S THE WILD MAN NOW?!"

  7. "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters in Varsity Blues.

    It was totally sweet when Tweeder blocked that punt.

  8. Opening scene of Ali soundtracked by Sam Cooke. Gives me chills.