Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Caption Contest!

It's going to be a good week. Baseball hath returned, the Champion's League is in full swing (and has two games today), and the most soothing golf tournament in the world fills out HD TVs with azaleas, lush greenery, and as few minorities as possible. A tradition like no other.

SO! Pictures! Pictures to caption! Please do not lump all of your captions into one comment box. More comments make me think that more people are paying attention to me, and well, I could use the ego boost.

First up, we have Gordon Hayward freaking out while Lance Thomas seems oddly at ease.

Keeping with the college hoops we have Tiger, really really happy at a Stanford game.

Keeping with the Tiger theme, we have a picture of his girlfriend from his Stanford days. This isn't a funny picture, I just want the meanest thing you can possibly say about this obviously jilted ex-lover.

Party. Caption away.


  1. Tiger: Everyone who's doing this trademarked and patented double fist pump now owes me a quarter for each pump! Seriously, I'm leaking sponsors like a siv.

  2. 2. Blasian with a shit tucked into jeans next to an Asian sporting the same in front of some old white guys.

    Welcome to Stanford!!!!

  3. 3. Buzz, your girlfriend. WOOF!!!

  4. 1-

    Hayward: "Oookay Lance, we're ready to start the trust fall, just close your eyes and lean back niiiice and eeeasy HOLYSHITWATCHYOURHEAD!"

  5. 3.) Yeah. Could have had *that* bank account balance. Blond bitch.

  6. 幽默並不是諷刺,它或許帶有溫和的嘲諷,卻不傷人,它可能是以別人,也可以用自己為對象。..................................................

  7. I didn't realize Tiger Woods found the mullet sexy.

  8. Here is your Chinese porn spam translation of the day.

    Lin Shu Van said...

    "Humor is not satire, it may be with mild sarcasm, but not wounding, it may be by others, can also be used as the object itself"