Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What the hell, Teddy Bruschi?

So wait? The whole NFL thing came down because they were worried about players getting injured.

So I can understand the whole Steve Young/NFL Vs. Millen/Schlereth debate. Specifically, protecting players vs. "this is how the game is played." You know, that makes LOGICAL sense.

But then Teddy Bruschi comes on and I thought he was going to demonstrate a proper tackle Vs. what the NFL considered a malicious hit.

But then we enter Bizzaro world, and Teddy then instructs everyone on how to LEGALLY INJURE defenseless receivers. The proper way to do this is to turn your body sideways and launch yourself into the sternum of the opponent in hopes to "do some damage" to the sternum area.

So remember kids. The proper way to tackle is:

1. Turn your body completely sideways so you cannot see the opponent, that aspect is overrated.

2. Another benefit of this technique is that it exposes the SIDE of your neck which is much more vulnerable to injury and nerve damage.

3. DO NOT use your arms in any way other than keeping them as tight to your body as possible. This will make you more aerodynamic for the most important part of the move.

4. THE LAUNCH. Yes guesstimate (because your head is turned) where your opponents sternum will be do not worry if you bounce off the opponent because the main goal of "break down the door" tackling is to do damage in the sternum area, if you're lucky maybe you can snap a collar bone, perhaps a rib.

Shit, I think Rodney Harrison got uncomfortable watching that.

I do know one thing, Chris Spielman is appalled.

"Wrap up and drive your feet young man....See what you hit, hit what you see"


  1. Never take the eyes off the target!

  2. What if James Harrison came out with a handgun and shot a defenseless receiver? "SEE? THAT'S EGREGIOUS!!"

  3. a) it's Tedy, not Teddy. get your shit together Lattimer

    Good synopsis on the situation, and not just because Rick Reilly finally wrote a good column.

  4. I have no idea who the fuck Anon (pope?) is supporting here.

    My thoughts.

    Agree with Bruschi=Short Bus