Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

How this topic hasn't come up is beyond me.

Best multi sport athlete, Or someone who could potentiality be a multi sport athlete.

Go go go go go go go go go


  1. Gotta look at Neon Deon Sanders. That's a ridiculous amount of flare right there.

  2. I think my favorite is still Julius Peppers

  3. Peppers is great, but I'm going with Herschel Walker. You can actually ask him if winning a Heisman or an Olympic Gold Medal is cooler. Because he won one as a bobsledder. Seriously. Also, he's been in some MMA bouts at the age of 48. He's beaten some ass.

  4. Air Bud might take the cake on this one.

  5. Babe Ruth: Baseball and Competitive eating.

    still don't see how fat baseball players are considered athletes.