Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday afternoon Fun Bag!!!!

Woooooooooo you losers go ahead ride the school bus, I'll be on the cool bus!!!

God this weekend is going to be great.

First and foremost Icehouse is attending the annual gathering of insufferable fan bases. You may know this as the Red River Shootout/Texas State Fair.

In the interest of Fairness I will present videos embarrassing both fan bases

I posted it before but it needs the Hobbers need to see it again. UT of Course!!!!

Continuing with our wrestling theme, The Bushwackers. Raise your hand if you marched around School like this.

This is a couple weeks old, but it's totally worth watching the whole thing.

I don't plan on seeing "The Social Network" Stovall says it's pretty good. I think this is better.

If you haven't had a chance you REALLY need to start watching The League. Comes on right after It's Always Sunny.

Finally, I refuse to like or enjoy anything performed by Jimmy Fallon. However, He has the Roots so that's how I justify posting things by him.

Ok gang, have a good one, stay off the short bus.

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