Friday, October 22, 2010

We Gotta Make a Change

I haven't written a lot about CFB this year and the main reason is that CFB is absolutely insane.


I mean let's take a quick little looksie at the BCS top 25.

Yeah still 10 undefeated teams. To be sure, 4 of them are guaranteed to lose. Or are they? But still if you just take 30 minutes to look at the teams and schedules you'll see that there is a possibility of Boise/TCU national championship. Not saying it will happen, but the threat is there. What's worse is that there is a scenario where undefeated teams won't have the right to play for the MNC.

I mean honestly, I get it. Alabama lost, but are you really going to choose any team other than maybe Auburn,Oregon, and Oklahoma over them. Maybe the LSU lucky charms? But shit even that's pushing it. Furthermore, we could have a situation where a team with a shit schedule can win the MNC. And yes, I'm looking at you Oregon. Don't get me wrong, Oregon is a great football team, but call me skeptical when the quality win on your schedule is Stanford.....Stanford!!!

You all know by now that I'm in no way an SEC supporter, but it just sucks to be penalized playing in the best conference in the nation. Shit, The SEC SEC West is like a fucking minefield.

It's kinda nice being in the position I'm in because as a VT fan, my hopes and dreams are always demolished in the first two weeks of the season every year so I can just sit back and hope for chaos. You see, the BCS will never go away through politics, or convincing university presidents. No, we need chaos.

I kinda feel like Steve Buschemi in Armageddon. I have a front seat to the end of the world BCS. See I don't want to see a 3-4 team controversy. NO, I WANT 25 2 LOSS TEAMS. COMPLETE AND UTTER CHAOS. So I ask you to join with me in my little endeavor of rooting for everyone to lose. Cast aside your homerisims and biases and join me in the revolution.

(Apologies to Bruce Hornsby, but Tupac's version is just much much better)


  1. Texas supports the revolution. Beat Nebraska, lose to Iowa State.

  2. I don't question the Longhorn's commitment.....Not this year.