Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Morning Sh*t Storm!

Lattimer and I, whilst sipping only the finest Colombian coffee mixed with only the finest Persian rum, were discussing on Friday the plight of coaches who leave College Football for the National Football League, only to come back to to the college ranks. Carroll, Saban, Spurrier, Petrino, Holtz, etc. The roster is lengthy, but for every transition back toward college, there is a tinge of demotion associated. "That coach, he just couldn't cut it in the NFL." "Some guys just don't have what it takes." All that jive.

I say an EMPHATIC JIVE! to denote my scrupulousness.

Lattimer and I agree: It's not a degree a capability that is associated with great coaches on the different levels of play, it's just...different. You can't say Urban Meyer isn't a good coach, but you also can't say that you could see his bizzaro world offense working in the NFL. Saban, too, is awesome, and did as well as anyone cold have done with that Miami team, but hey, "had to go back to college because he couldn't hack it" - slash - his coaching style is one of strict discipline, and you can't have that in the league.

But I digress. And we did say ANY LEVEL. That means there are fantastic coaches, NAY GREAT COACHES, who work well for DIII colleges, high schools, Jr. High, and Pop Warner leagues. I'm not sure if there are some pro coaches who couldn't coach a Pop Warner team to a touchdown.


Best and Worst Pro Coach to Coach Little League/Pop Warner Football. Include reasons. Include savvy.

Mine? Best Coach: Andy Reid, because you know the best part about winning a big game is the coach taking the team out for a pizza party and YOU KNOW DAMN WELL Reid can throw an AWESOME pizza party. Worst Coach: Norv Turner, because...well, look at him. Children would be frightened by a man who looks like his face caught on fire, melted, and someone put the flames out with a golf cleat.

Storm on. Storm on. Storm on. Storm until your dreams come true.


  1. worst coach would be tom cable. he'd beat the shit out of them.

  2. Punching kids is fun, because it's easier and they don't fight back.

  3. Bob Ladouceur 151 game win streak at De La Salle.


    The option.

  4. I'm still going with Singletary.

    Because he mooned his team. I find that hilarious.