Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey What's Up?

Hey what's up? I'm Peyton Manning.

You may have recognized me from the many commercials I'm in.

However, you may not know that I'm ALSO an NFL quarterback. But that's not important.

You're friendly writers from GRH have hired me to promote their first annual GRH fantasy football league.

Never played before? Don't worry it's no big deal.

Luckily for GRH Yahoo decided to come out of sucktown and provide free live scoring along with their user friendly format.


So here's what you do, go to yahoo and create a profile. You may have done this for the March Madness bracket, but it's always fun to create some random email address.

Anyway after that you go to fantasy football and punch in the vitals.

ID= 638653

If you're unfamiliar with the scoring, you can easily look over it once you log in for your team, however I think Icehouse put it best. "We reward everything awesome that happens on the field."

Don't worry about the draft date, we can figure that out as we get closer to the season.

What's in it for you? Well for the most part this is a fun league where team names and drafting favorite players will take precedent, however the winner will also receive a congratulatory post from one of us.

Either way it will be a great way to waste fall Sundays and totally kick ass!!!

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  1. I just started another league on yahoo. Is there an actual message board in forum style, or is there only replying to other posts (which creates an entirely new post)?

    no one in my league talks, so I'm not sure.