Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You have to be kidding me

For real?

Here's the thing.

I never really liked Brett, always thought he was a good QB. I never really bought into the whole he plays for the love of the game schtick mainly because I realized that to play at that level with that commitment you REALLY need to love to play football with all the shit pro's go through. The shit talking with D-lineman? Well that's like saying the likes of T.O and Ochocinco are more competitive than the likes of say Isaac Bruce and Marvin Harrison.

But at the end of the day he was Brett Favre, and when I saw him play on a Monday Night game I was excited I could tell my kids that I saw hall of famer Brett Favre.

When he initially "retired" it was kind of surreal, almost let me know how old I was. Here I've seen this guy play literally his entire career, and now he's gone. Obviously I wasn't upset about it, but it was significant nonetheless.

When he tried to come back I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. "Hey maybe this guy just made a rash decision." But then I saw him trying to soil the Packers. A team he told he was done. I also heard about him having a separate locker room in NY, and really not reaching out to any teammates.

Now we come to this year. Favre/Vikings string everyone along, lying the entire way, only to have him end up in Minnesota.

Instead of talking about how Favre is a raging prima donna who really only cares about himself let's look at the qualities of this so called team player.

First. Who is he fooling? He knew the entire time he was going to play for the Vikings. His main concern for not playing was that he thought he couldn't play an entire season. So what happened in the past 3-4 weeks? Did your arm magically heal itself? Did you take some magical elixir? What happened? OHHHHH I know, training camp happened. So basically instead of trying to help your team by being present during major offensive installation and showing your teammates you actually care you decided to forgoe the rigors of camp and join the team when they are for all intents conducting in-season practices. Team player all the way Brett.

The other thing that irks me is how Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels were treated. Now this one is as much on the Vikings as it is on Favre. Once Favre gave his annual "I don't think I have it speech" Childress and the Vikings organization banked on T.J and Sage. They told them they would be competing for the starting job, and the right to become a franchise QB. But no, whatever went down it's clear that neither the Vikings or Favre had that in mind. I'm sure this happens all the time in all walks of life, but it doesn't make it any less shitty.

Now all of this said, are the Vikings a better team with Favre? Sure, Favre is still a great QB and the Vikings really are a team one player away from being a playoff contender, but they probably wont have what it takes in terms of chemistry to make it to the Super Bowl.

Look, I have zero problems with a guy still wanting to play football. God knows I would love to still play, but don't act like you're bigger than the game and try to create this bullshit soap opera with you as the main character. It's an insult to guys who actually gave everything they had to play at the highest level as long as they could.

So add more criticisms/praises in the comment section, but I still think it's shitty the way it went down.


  1. I haven't even read the article. I only saw the heading and brett's forhead and laughed out loud. now everyone I work with is staring at me.

  2. Ego. Tistical. Favre isn't coming back to win a championship. He's already got one, and sure that would be an added bonus. He's back to beat Green Bay, to show them he's better than Aaron Rodgers, and that they should have let him start even though he told them all off-season he was done. It's a personal vendetta.

    I expect to see quite a few interceptions against the Packers because Favre will try to show that he's the reason the Vikings are now relevant. But, he doesn't take into account that the guys that kept them from being relevant were Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson.

    I can't even comprehend how you can not have ONE decent quarterback on your roster. Sign Jeff Garcia, Culpepper, hell, sign Warren Moon. All of these guys give them a better chance to win than the top three QBs they have. Because when push comes to shove (think AFC championship 2008), Brett will try make a throw that he can't make and will lose the game and end the Vikings season earlier than it should.

    The Vikings have one of the best teams in the league. Defense, running attack. They just need a guy under center that can manage the game and make a few plays, and a guy who will be a team player and try to connect with his teammates. All three of these players meet one of these criterion, but they all turn the ball over. The Vikings will make the playoffs, but not because of Favre. On the flip side, the Vikings will not with the Super Bowl because of him.

  3. "The other thing that irks me is how Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels were treated."



    How can I feel sorry for someone destined to become the next Bubby Brister.

  5. Yep, sounds about right.