Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning S--t Storm

So I was reading this on Deadspin this weekend. Along with the local paper's reporting.

Essentially Alabama player gets arrested for domestic violence (Along with girlfriend).

Father calls Saban and tells him not to punish player. Becomes Alabama fan of the year.

Read the two links, you'll get a better idea of what went down. It's eerily similar to a certain scene in The Program where my spiritual identity, Lattimer, attempts to rape a girl, throws her across the room for being a "tease" and the girl's father decides to sweep it under the rug because he doesn't want to hurt the program. Again, so we're clear it was a movie, not me.

You also may have heard about Big Fan, where Patton Oswalt's character finds himself in a similar situation.

So for the shit storm, would you ever take one for the team?

I'm saying no


  1. After Pacman got arrested most recently, I was infuriated by the fact that I was across the street. I would've taken the rap! I got clean fingerprints!

    So, yes. But it depends on the player.

  2. I think it would also depend on the situation. I mean if someone hurts my family, then no effing way. Which is why I'm baffled by this Alabama situation, I mean the police report said he chased her down and drug her down by the hair and neck.

    but something else? I don't know.

    I also wonder how many situations we don't hear about because fan cops look the other way.

  3. How about Sergio Kindle driving into some girls' living room at 2:30 in the morning?

    He leaves the scene of the accident, Mack Brown calls the police, says Sergio (who already has a DUI on his record) was not drunk, and was in fact texting.

    Shit happens when you party with Sergio.

  4. I mean as long as someone pays for it.

  5. The baggies in Mike Beasley's twitpic were mine.

    My bad.

  6. I thought that was just the covering they put over new Tatoos.

    /should be a PR person.
    //better than T.O's
    ///hit me up Mike Vick.

  7. Back when I was a Celtics fan, I was going through some pretty hard times, and so was a friend of mine. The Celtics were all we had, so to ensure their NBA Finals victory, we kidnapped the best player of the Utah Jazz, Damon Wayans.

  8. YOU were always the jinx.

    Celtic Pride'd

  9. Furthermore, I would like to go on the record by saying that Patton Oswalt is a 4'10" pile of douche.