Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CFB Preview

Notre Dame

Much like Penn State, I already chronicled ND's season here.

Cliff notes=lots of returners+ easy schedule.

You'll also notice that I did not place a number next to ND. I refuse to do it. Basically I think it's nonsense to give a team like ND a top ten ranking. What the hell have they done? Beat Hawaii 49-21. I'll let that sink in........
/sinking in
That is literally the only the only significant thing ND did last year, BEAT HAWAII.
And that's what pisses me off about them. They always get overrated, take away bowl games from other deserving teams and we always have to hear about them on ESPN. But I guess I'll join in the fun of giving them attention.

The other thing that I can't stand is that they are soooo worried about their image. ND boosters demand a pro looking offense. In other words they have some crazy view on how football should look. Furthermore, the defense has been neglected for many years. The final thing I'll rant about is the Coaching. Not the coaches themselves, but the fact that they never give anyone a chance. SHIT Davies and TW were good, do you realize how hard it is to win at ND? You kick them out but you think Weiss is the savior? God, get over yourselves.

Which brings me to Lou Holtz. Lou is a microcosm of ND. You hate him, but he's also entertaining. Recently Lou predicted that ND will play Florida in the MNC. Icehouse says this: "crazy old people babbling to themselves doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about but they're still crazy and babbling to themselves"

But that's the thing Lou Holtz is crazy, but he is also entertaining as well as a damn good coach.

And this brings me to why I like ND. Just so we're clear, I love to see ND lose any type of big game, but I also like to see them in the mix. I don't know, it's just comforting. The other thing about ND is that they typically do run a solid program. Sure they let this guy in, but for the most part ND stays out of the police blotter. And let's not forget, ND is no slouch school, that traditionally puts out a strong schedule every year. (this year excluded) The fan base is hit or miss, but most of the time their biggest fans are Midwestern Catholics. They may not have gone to a large school, or college at all for that matter, but ND is their school, and I like that. Of course there is the tradition. ND has been an influential part of college football since Jesus played tailback. In some sick and twisted way, ND is what's great about college football.

Basically my feelings on ND can be summed up in this video.


  1. This is where my prior SEC related theory of
    falls apart completely, but I'm fine with being wrong if it means Notre Dame fans publicly eat shit while kissing their own ass.

  2. No the money argument is a good one. and has major implications of lifting up the bottom end of the SEC. There is no doubt it improves teams, but for some reason some of those teams can't overcome certain obstacles. (I have my theories about ND)A good example is when Bob Davies first showed up. He was a defensive guy, and through his experience wanted to run the Flexbone option offense. Boosters shot it down. Not saying he would have won MNC's but it just shows you how much the ND boosters have influence on the program and how they "view" their team. Suffice it to say a guy like Leach or Johnson would never end up in South Bend. But yeah, I always want ND to do well and fail because Christmas becomes much more entertaining in my family.