Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Morning Sh--t Storm

A lot of times during the Shit Storm we're like "ohhh yeah, good point." "How could I miss that" "Deafmute, you are wrong." It's nice, but sometimes we have to shake it up a bit.

And I think I found the perfect topic.


Now I know what most people are going to say. "There is only one Christmas Movie, it's Christmas Vacation". But you know what, Christmas Vacation is dare I say overrated. Which is why my selection is none other than Home Alone.

Best story
Best acting
Best soundtrack
Christmas spirit

Go ahead I dare you to tell me one bad thing about Home Alone.
Shit Storm Begin. Happy Holidays.


  1. Home Alone is a fine, fine choice here.

    I'm still going to say Christmas Vacation, but your point is certainly valid. A friend of ours has a radio show in St. Louis and we drafted a 16-movie bracket to determine the best Christmas movie. The final two? Home Alone and Christmas Vacation, with the latter (of course) winning out.

  2. Die Hard.

    Yippeeyokiyay Motherfuckers.

  3. Just Friends is a highly-underrated movie. Hilarious.

  4. Die Hard is a GREAT Christmas Movie but I'm going to have to go with the A Christmas Story. Thanks to TBS I never miss it

  5. Muppet Family Christmas. It's the only one I watch.

  6. I'd have to say Home Alone is the best.

    But for the best in recent memory (2000s) I'd have to go with Bad Santa and Elf, although this was right before Will Ferrell became unfunny.

    Queue up "Deafmute, you are wrong."

  7. Deafmute this is pure coincidence, but I really didn't like Elf. Bad Santa, yes.

  8. And don't you guys mean Die Hard 2: Die Harder?