Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bowl Wrap Up: Miami QB Jacory Harris the Most Adorable Thing On The Field Last Night

ORLANDO - The Champs Sports Bowl lived up to its tremendous amount of pregame hype, with Miami QB Jacory Harris being the most adorable thing to step on the field last night in a losing effort to the Wisconsin Badgers, 20-to-the-cutest-14-points-you-ever-did-see.

Wisconsin QB Scott Tolzien passed for a pedestrian 260 yards, with 19 so-so completions over 26 unflattering attempts. The pasty Tolzien also threw an interception, which totally figures, and didn't even have the courtesy to throw a touchdown pass.

Meanwhile, Harris was able to pass for an incredibly attractive 188 yards, with 16 glowing completions that looked like they fell out of a J. Crew catalogue. Badger RB John Clay was really trying way too hard, winning Big Ten Player of the Year, rushed for 121 yards and scored two touchdowns in an effort that looked more desperate than anything.

"He really did a lot for us, we just couldn't get the win," said Miami coach Randy Shannon. "But that fro-hawk of his is something precious. It was both heartbreaking and breathtaking to see him come off the field after a three-and-out. Like watching a beautiful quetzal bird sing a sad, sad song."

Analysts at the game are already calling Harris' comeback-ending four-and-out to be 'the hottest failed comeback in the history of omigah I can't even remember.'


  1. I love those lines on the uniform and the green orange numbers are breathtaking. Keep up the good work Jacory!!!

  2. The uniforms, on the other hand, suck. I'm a fan of Jacory Harris and of how cute he is. The kid seems unflappable in the pocket. Until he's on the ground with six Badgers on top of him, that is. Way to go offensive line!