Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Morning Sh--t Storm

Ohhhhh it's Christmas every is happy, Joy is everywhere.


This shit storm is the worst feeling a fan can feel in sports.

My selection is when you're team gets upset by a vastly inferior opponent. To me there is nothing like that, just staring blankly at the TV after it's all done. "How did this happen?" "I just can't imag....I can't see my hands, everything is dark I"M BLIND I CANT SEE!!!!"

So yeah that sucks a lot, but now it's your turn to share in the misery.



  1. I'll flip Lattimer's selection. Narrowly losing at the last second to a vastly superior team. This is the story of Arkansas' meager existence of the past couple of decades, but notably two games this season, with Florida and LSU (both ranked very high) having to kick field goals in the waning seconds of a game to ice the Hogs (the latter of which was in overtime).

    It's like "Hey, you're good enough to make us feel like this game was worth more than the automatic 'W' we scratched into the calendar this summer. That's...that's something."

  2. Losing to South Carolina on Thursday night football on ESPN. In front of the entire country.

  3. In other words, Devin hates being the last one to know something is coming.

  4. Gardner Webb, home court, drunk coach. Spurrious references to a need for "toughness and competing on every possessions."

    When we first hired Billy Clyde, Icehouse texted me and said, "Good luck throwing money at your problem." I wrote it off at first, but - and I'd hate saying this if we didn't all wind up living happily ever after - he was right and I was wrong.