Monday, March 28, 2011


It's official, the world is coming to an end. Earthquakes, Global Warming, Climate Change and now ripping up basketball hoops.

Seriously, this isn't China. There are rules in America. But you know why Blythe put the hit out on the basketball hoop?

1. He hates kids
2. He hates kids
3. He's no dummy, he knows a prime set up when he sees it. A solid hoop at the END of a culdesac? Shit, that is a kid's dream. Oh, I know he's in the PA Hall of Fame for opening sports complexes. I don't care. So maybe - just MAYBE - if the kids can't play in the streets, they have to go to one of your "complexes" where they have to pay a "membership fee" for a low "monthly charge." I see you Blythe, real smooth, game respects game.

When I showed this to Icehouse he pointed out that youth sports prevent Gang activity, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy. FACT!!!

And what's with the sweatshirt lady in the video? What, did you not bust enough balls in 9th grade student council? Stovall said it best when talking about her upcoming performance review.

"Have you ever lied to an individual during your job?"
/puts in video

But really, the main complaint is that kids don't pay attention to traffic? Really? Have you ever met a kid? Nobody cares about traffic, you're invincible at that age. Anyway, these two are my heroes for the day and I can't wait until Oprah picks up on their story and they get a stadium in their front yard.

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