Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

As you can see this is a fan fiction movie based off of Mario Brothers. If you remember, they tried to actually make a real movie out of this.

I know, it was horrible and very depressing as a kid.

But here's what gets me, why have they not made more movies based on video games? I mean look at the first video, that shit is so dark, just imagine if that was an actual movie. Which brings me to the shit storm. Video games you would like to see made into a movie.

I get that video games are sometimes like movies in that they have story lines and what not, but call me old fashion, I just like real live actors as opposed to 3D computer generated ones.

Obviously Mario is number one on a lot of lists, so if you want you can offer ideas for the Mario movie.

My #2 would be any GTA. Preferably I'd like San Andreas, just because that was set in the 90's and it had so much random hilarious shit in it. Plus you could have sex in that video game which my roommates and I had way too much fun with.

Next, and this is somewhat obvious, but there needs to be a Punch Out movie.

As well as a Paper Boy movie.My friends and I always had this theory that paper boy was actually set in another dimension because we had never seen any of the stuff in paper boy on our street. Also, did anyone figure out what the kid on the street was doing? the one kicking his legs in the air?

Finally, we need the entire Metal Gear Solid series because those games were fucking intense to take as a 12-16 year old.

Ok let's hear yours in the comments.

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  1. Assassins Creed (I didn't read the whole blog yet so i'm not sure if this works)

  2. Now that I have; and it does; Def Assassins creed series, maybe some COD with some nazi zombies mixed in but Black Opps could be great on its own.

    If you could write a story between Crazy Taxi or any of the Tony Hawk games that would be sweet too.

  3. Good call on Assasins creed. I've never played it, but it looks great.

    Tony Hawk would be tough, we'll definitely need some CGI.

  4. can we combine multiple games to do this? like if we were to make an assassins creed meets black opps/nazi zombies installment?

  5. Duck Hunt.

    Don't care about any of the plot points, but that dog has to talk.

  6. NBA Jam combined with Urban Chaos. No clue how the combination would work, I just love NBA Jam and riots.