Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stan Van Gundy's posse is crazy than yours.

Icehouse is watching the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns play the ABC Sunday game. A couple of things have occurred to me. These are the unorganized thoughts that have popped into my head.

-Time Warner Cable is really bad. Like, really bad.

-Vince Carter is a hobo.

-Marcin Gortat wishes he still played on the same team as Dwight Howard.

-Aaron Brooks should be forced to stay within ten feet of Robin Lopez, because they look hilarious next to each other.

-Aaron Brooks should learn how to pass.

-Dwight Howard loves his job.

-Stan Van Gundy is gangster (see photo above).

-I saw a commercial advertising chicken and waffles. My cable cut out towards the end, because Time Warner is really shitty, so if somebody could let me know who is selling chicken and waffles, that would be a big help.

-The Clippers mascot is a rabbit. I am baffled.

-Mike Wilbon is a putz.

-Robin Lopez does nothing except for hack Dwight Howard, which makes him Sideshow Bob, except I hate seeing him on tv.

-Time Warner sucks.


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