Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen Will Get You Amped

Ok, quick recap:

Image via Warming Glow
By now, Charlie Sheen an his antics have been crammed into your brain because a famous person going on tv and flipping their shit in a drug-addled haze is somehow different than the guy at the bus stop around the corner flipping his shit in a drug-addled haze. Then again, the guy on the street corner hates on clouds instead of bedding porn stars. So Charlie's got him there.

Icehouse would like to take this opportunity to state that Platoon, Wall Street, the Major League Series and the Hot Shots! series were all vital to his upbringing, and remain essential to any home video collection and discussion of fine cinema, regardless of how much bunghole his current show eats.

So while there have been many memes with his quotes, the GRH team gives you: Charlie Sheen, SPORTS.

Pete Carroll's was easy enough to get started with.

Phil Jackson.

And on with the show...

That was fun. Good work, team.

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