Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Afternoon Fun Bag!

Eric Gordon knows what's up.

Yes. YES. Not a cloud in the sky and Dallas's version of St. Patrick's day is tomorrow. Icehouse gon drank. Icehouse is ready.

Are you? Probably. Let's get to the videos.

First of all, here's the trailer for "Where the Trail Ends."

Somebody took all of Gareth Bale's highlights from his game against defending European Champion Inter Milan and made it into a dope-ass animated video. It's purty.

You like cricket? Do you?

Trailer for the new Travis Rice film, The Art of FLIGHT. They use the same camera technology as Planet Earth and the best snowboarders in the world to make this gorgeousness.

WINNING at Call of Duty. (Warning: Lead-in ad)

Cheerleaders freak out over anything.

Jacob Tucker. Dunk highlight reel. Worth your time.

Blake Griffin makes a Mars Blackmon tape for USC Tight End Jordan Cameron. Except they miss the crucial line. For shame.


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