Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

This has been floating around the internet for a while now, but I felt like it needed some air time on GRH. I love everything about this kid, from his bushwacker strut all the way to his leg craddling ability. Reminds me of my prestigious pee wee wrestling career.

I love youth sports. Main reason is that there is always some kid who is just head and shoulders better than everyone else and dominates the scene. Most of these kids just develop faster than everyone else, but you also have that rare kid who's an athletic freak who also possess skill not seen at that age. Like this kid.

I played with one of those types growing up. Let's call him Nate. In 7th and 8th grade I played in a private junior football program who played all of the big St. Louis city schools. We had three teams and I was drafted to play on Nate's team, the Vikings. Now, Nate played in our program because he was not "allowed" to play for his school due to some legal issues. However Nate was easily the best player in the league.

He was our running back and middle linebacker. If you want to make comparisons to famous players he was like St. Louis' Marcus Dupree. In 8th grade he was 5'9 195 with a guesstimated body fat percentage of 7. Even better, he had an attitude to go with his skills.

Nate had a lot of stories, but the one I remember best was when we had to weigh in. All the teams in the league were there and it was basically a big cattle call. Two teams, Hazelwood East and West were some of the favorites to win the city title, so naturally they were talking trash the whole time. It was their turn to get weighed and when the first guy from Hazelwood stepped up, Nate stripped down, walked up in his compression shorts and Timberlands, stepped on the scale, and got weighed in. For an 8th grader it was the most bad ass thing I ever saw.

Here are some other highlights from his career.

-Breaking a helmet from someone too hard.

-Giving the middle finger to a ref.

-Middle school Ho train at games

-Middle school Ho train at practice

-Bringing fist packs to the awards banquet in case other teams "said shit"

-Wearing John Randle face paint.

-Getting kicked out of the championship game after the first play because he started a fight with the entire sideline and gave the opposing coach the cutthroat sign.

As you can tell, nate was awesome. Coming home from a game my dad told me "You know Nate only touched the ball 5 times...I don't think he ever got tackled" We then came to the conclusion that we'd read about Nate someday. It would either be in the sports page or the police blotter.

Anyway for the shit storm, best pee wee stories, or other impressive highlight videos.



  1. We played an all-star baseball game in Del Valle, next to the Travis County Correctional Facility. In right field, many of the minimum-security inmates watched the game through the fence.

    I made a catch in center that delighted the crowd. Being cheered by fans: great. Being cheered by convicted felons: just a touch sweeter.

  2. This is a JV story, but it's close enough to Icehouse's. Our big rival had a field that was next to a subdivision. The way the scheduling worked out I played there 3 out of 4 years. Anyway the one endzone was right next to somebody's property which was smartly used as a beer pen for all the locals.

    For all three years guys would get plastered and yell at me during lineman warmups. It got to the point that they remembered me and knew my name and shit. We beat them my senior year on the last play and I grabbed my nuts at them.

    That's really my story, I just always appreciated the hate they showed to a 14 year old.


  4. I played corner in JV. I'll be honest I was a small, whimpy, unathletic corner. But, I did start.

    Playing our rival, Marshall Academy, at home. Last play of the first half was a toss sweet to my side. Their running back was at least 5 inches taller than me and outweighed me by 60, easily. So, I shed the wideout, dude puts a juke move on me. My ankles shred. I dive for him grabbing whatever I could... I happened to be his johnson. Not my proudest moment, but you bet your ass he went down. I don't care how big you are, a 130 lb vice grip isn't something you want hanging onto your sack.