Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Kobe Bryant is Not White Hot

The LA Times claims Kobe is "White Hot" but their photo shoot and article make him seem so NOT. 

First off, let me say that I am a Kobe fan. I've met him and can say that he seemed like a great guy. Friendly, chill, and flashing a radiant smile. But when did he loose his sense of self awareness? He comes off looking like a prima donna, being flown in on his helicopter and getting a mani/pedi and facial before he has his makeup applied. I am all for living the luxe life and getting pampered...but seriously? Why write about it. 

And what is with the snood/hoodie? (yes snood is a real fashion item and I swear Ralph Lauren came out with those this year in their women's line.) Or the doofy hat with the bowtie? Come on...

But my main issues with these photos are that he broke shabby chic blonde's cardinal rule about men wearing white. It is acceptable to wear white before memorial day, but not all white. And men should only wear all white under these circumstances: 

1. When the dress code calls for white tie.
2. When playing cricket or tennis. 
3. When it's unbearably hot and you don a very chic white linen suit or sport coat. 
4. If you're a model walking the runway.
5. If you're gay or European you can probably pull it off. 

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  1. He looks like the gay dude in "Life" that ended up killing himself by running across the gun line.