Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Caption Contest!

Good shit storm everybody. Good lazy Tuesday. Now we gots a caption contest. Let's party.

First up, KG and Kendrick Perkins meet President George W. Bush.

And now, Hideki Matsui has a sad. Or a sleepy, whatever.



  1. Bush: You've got you some soft hands.

    Rivers (background): OH MY GOD, THAT'S SO TRUE!

  2. Matsui: Brr! Is NOONE else cold in here?

    Gonzalez: 'Deki. It's 67 degrees tonight. This is gorgeous weather.

    Matsui: I'm FREEZIN! I swear these nips could saw through a picnic table.

    Gonzalez: Dammit, man, it's not cold. Why don't you just get a blanket or something? We've got clubhouse jackets. Coach just took his off, cause he was sweating.

    Matsui: I don't wanna wear that.

    Gonzalez: Why not?

    Matsui: It'll make me look fat! Does anyone have some HotHands? Hey, Batboy, can I get a cup of coffee or something?

    Gonzalez: You're helpless. It's a lovely night out. You do this every night.

    Matsui: Why don't you hold me.

    Gonzalez: What?

    Matsui: Why don't you hold me. We could each share warmth. It'll be nice. C'mon, hold me.

    Gonzalez: No, 'Deki. No.

    Matsui: Fine. I'll just sit here, conserving my energy and heat in this frozen wasteland. Don't look at me.

    Gonzalez: We're playing the freaking Marlins. In Florida.

    Matsui: DON'T LOOK AT ME!

    Gonzalez: But...

    Matsui: Don't. Look. At. Me. (shivers)

    Gonzalez: Fine.

    /above picture is taken

    Gonzalez: Thanks for making a scene, 'Deki. Real nice. Got a picture of it.

    Matsui: Well, I'm sorry, I'm cold.

    Gonzalez: I think we should start seeing other people.

  3. Matsui: *Sigh* I no ronger Godzirra

    /Pours one out for him. I love Matsui.

  4. Bush: O shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shitO shit o shit