Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Afternoon Funbag!

One of my favorite Cardinals, for some reason, is the ever-defensive, 'stache-totin', getting-better-batsman SS Brendan Ryan. I think it's because last year, everyone had good-luck mustaches to kick the season off, and he kept his through October. The Boog is a team player. Here's him after the Cardinals clinched the NL Central. Hope there are more pics like this elsewhere.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! I don't know exactly what I'm doing, but man, I could really go for a swim. I want to be outside, enjoying the heat of the sun and the cool of a beer, and the inexplicable joy I get/give from being shirtless. Hooboy. I'm ready for this.

Onto this week's funbag.

A real hoverboard exists apparently. KSK provocateur Big Daddy Drew dismisses it, as it cannot sustain a person yet. WE MUST CRAWL BEFORE SPRINT, ANDREW.

HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.

As someone who hosts an online webbing page, I appreciate William of Ferrell answering his fan mail so publicly.

Boys being Boys by flinging themselves into/at dumpsters from shopping carts. WEEEE!!!

A perfectly sane and rational fellow releases forth his mounting frustration upon his delightful computing book device.

In another instance of computer-related tomfoolery, Glenn Kitsmiller here can't figure out the whole Print Screen/SysRq button at the top right hand corner of his keyboard. Oh, Glenn! You'll NEVER reach supervisor that way!

In another instance of "WEEEE!!!!" related tomfoolery, this is one of the first viral videos that ever happened. It's like hearing a pretty cool story from your Great Uncle, while you're Grandpa just buries his head in his hands, muttering to himself.

That is all. Oh yeah, and Sam the Eagle says something about Memorial Day to American Women everywhere. Have a good one.

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