Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday afternoon Fun Bag!!!

"Welcome to the Lou and what we do is a Lou thang"

Ok Icehouse and Stovall are down in Memphis smoking meat......


Regardless, the fact remains that the weekend is upon us and the funbag marks the official begininng of booze consumption.

.....Aaaaaaaaaaand begin.

Have you ever felt sorry about yourself? Think YOU have problems to deal with? Is YOUR life really really super hard?

Prepare to feel like shit.

I used to be a company man. By that I mean I would only drink Busch products, however as the video below points out, that company has been bought by some Arabs that probably don't even have a country. Fellow Missourian Tom Raper has inspired me to change my beer to PBR keep drinking Yuengling.

Wooooooo roll the pitch!!!!!

I've got nothing on this one, just wait for the Phil Collins drum solo. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be totally bewildered.

There has been a lot of talk concerning the new immigration bill in AZ. All I would suggest is to just walk that shit out for a while.
/LWO reference.

Finally, I'm graduating again this weekend. I'll inevitably have to hear someone tell students who are all dressed exactly the same to become individuals. My advice to the Hobbers is regardless of what you do, do it with every ounce of passion and energy in your body. Take Norm here as an example.

Ok Hobbers, have fun, be safe, write if you find work.

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  1. the ole "video about the armless and legless man" trick eh?...not gonna fall for that one