Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NBA Sportsbetting: Tuesday's Pick and Roll

During Postseason series play in the NBA, your local sportsbook will offer prop bets on outcomes of each series in each conference. Here is a prop bet that Don Delaware considers to have the most value:

Boston Celtics +225 v.s. Cleveland Cavaliers (Series tied 1-1)
To undervalue the Celtics this way is insulting. The Book wants you to buy into the King James media hype and has set a line that makes it look improbable that Boston could win. The Celtics aren't the Bobcats; Boston has a legitimate shot at winning the series against Cleveland. While the Cavs have the best player on the planet, the Celtics are a team of winning veterans; and as we've seen in the past with NBA postseason play, sometimes the best team wins a series (See NBA Finals 2008) and not the team with the best player. Not only is Lebron favoring an injured elbow, but the series is headed to Boston, Doc Rivers is a much better coach, and the Celtics have the better team. PLAY BOSTON +225 TO WIN THE SERIES

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