Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let's not jump to conclusions


Today we have heard terrible news that a fellow bro Brian Cushing has been busted for PED use. Now everyone is jumping to conclusions assuming the PED is linked to steroids. However, here at GRH we look at the facts in order to make logical conclusions. Let's examine the evidence, shall we?

The picture above is a comparison between Brian Cushing his Freshman year and Junior year respectively. It's obvious he's made gains, but I'd argue those are completely natural gains. As famed fictional football coach Sam Winters once said, "It's easy to gain 35 lbs of muscle in the offseason.....if you work hard." From all accounts Cushing has worked extremely hard, he's constantly in the weight room, busting out reps. It's almost as if he's different. He has something special, seperating him from everyone in the NFL. You know what that special thing is?


Oh sure, he was a 165 lb high school freshman who turned himself into a 215 lb senior prospect. You know how that happens?


Cushing also hails from New Jersey, a state known for their proactive stance on steroid abuse.

I'm sure some of you may link his trainer Joe DeFranco to being a disciple of Westside Barbell and pro-steroid supporter Louie Simmons. But, this isn't the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon, this is football. This is Cushing bro.

Finally, look at where our fellow broseph went to school. That's right. USC. The cleanest program in the country. Look at their cheerleaders, they're white and they have sweaters. That screams innocence and class.

In short, the main stream media is going to try to take down this naturally gifted athlete, but we bro's have to stay together. We have to help this fellow broseph through these hard times, hell someone like Clay Mathews may be next.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to rep out on some curls.

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