Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kemba Walker's trollface is amazing.

It's... it's just too perfect.

The best part is that they really did troll us all. We were all suckered into watching... whatever that was. Some people will claim that superior defensive play was on display last night. Those people are horrendously wrong. True, both teams are better defensively than other teams, but holy shit was that just an exhibition in bricklaying.

Butler sucks. I was all about them last year because of Duke haterade, but this year was the same shit, just a year older and minus Gordon Hayward. So no, I don't give a shit about Butler or the underdog or any of that nonsense. You tiptoed and bumblefucked your way through the weakest possible bracket lineup to another championship game, then shot 12 for fucking 64 from the field. Butler might as well have their bulldog mascot (who is actually pretty cool) come out and take a shit on midcourt.

12 shots made. Out of 64 attempts. That's 18%. Here are some other things that are 18%:
-18% of Americans think the sun revolves around the Earth
-18% of Kentucky nursing homes abuse their residents
-18% of Americans think Congress is doing a good job
-18% of Florida homes are vacant

Moving on, I'd like to point out that UConn women lost to Notre Dame in the final four. So after all the hoopla about how this is the greatest chick team ever or something, they lose and all the glory goes to the men's team. So sad. And Hilarious. Hilariously sad.

Finally, UConn is facing NCAA punishments for recruiting improprieties. Jim Calhoun himself has to sit out the first three Big East games next year. He'll probably still collect that salary, though.

So yeah. The bad guys won. I'm happy about it. You should be too.

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  1. you know the two best posts we've had in a while has been about college basketball.

    /just saying.