Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mike Beasley really shouldn't be trying to sell drugs with D'Angelo when they both work for Avon.

Last night, while perusing my tumblr dashboard, I came across two pictures that seemed identical. "Haha!" I thought to myself. "Somebody trusted their queue again. Noobs." I probably said this aloud, as all my friends now live inside the internet and cannot hear me. But no. The images are in fact similar yet... different.


It's... uncanny.

Thanks to NBA Offseason and Art of the Wire for making that magical moment possible.


  1. If the Beasly Orlando comparison is true, we should probably get rid of him right now. He'll end up snitching.

  2. GOD I wish I knew what this meant.


  3. just start queuing that shit on netflix. It wil make you 50% cooler and 900% more snarky and elitist.