Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

I've been watching a lot of Spartacus on netflix. Ok an unhealthy amount in a short time. It's gotten to the point that I now judge people on whether I could best them in the arena and I imagine a world where drinking wine for breakfast is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

However, it got me wondering, why don't we have gladiator matches today? Oh I know we have boxing, MMA, and football. And yes, I get all the connections between USA and Rome, but it's just not the same. I'm not talking about using REAL weapons and killing people, we could just use the wooden training weapons. Basically a step below death blows and a step above LARPing.

(on a side note, I would go for only head shots if I LARP'd)

But think about this as a high school sport. Imagine East high school vs. West high school in the yearly "games." It would be the best rivalry ever created. Every Ludus school could have their own style. West could use Mirmillone and Dimachaeri styles, while East would use Retiarii because East High is gay.

West High. SHALL I BEGIN!!!

I had this idea in high school. Basically instead of Homecoming you'd have ROMEcoming. Clever, I know. But you could even make a whole week out of it. Everyone would dress in togas, the freshman would be the servants, and everyone could drink wine and have orgy's the whole time. People would go for this right?

Anyway, the shit storm is how exactly do we make this happen?



  1. I don't think it could be a school-sponsored event, just too much red tape. What they could do is raise money for it by having a bunch of girls have a car wash (it worked in Bring it On) or sell sno-cones (just trust me on this one). Then they take that money, rent out a dilapidated arena and just go nuts.

  2. I really want the schools to do it. I mean they already have stadiums and gyms so it would work out. Maybe we can pass it as a "historical and cultural" event.

  3. Just add swords to all of the everyday high school sports already in existence.

  4. Would there be other events, or just gladiating?

    I'm not sure what other sports they had. Probably stupid footraces or something. Maybe a wine drinking contest or biggest dong competition.

  5. oh yes, there would be other events. Chariot races would be pretty sweet. Although I don't know how we get around the live animal problem.

    I also figure "detention" equals being sacrificed in the arena.