Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Icehouse Has Street Cred... on Twitter

That's right. Bask in it. Icehouse has so much twitcred that Hot Sauce, one of the original And 1 ballers, actually follows ME. HAHAHA! Icehouse is important!

For some flavor to take the edge off the bitter taste of Tuesday, here's some of Hot Sauce's finest.

OMG! UPDATE! This happened in an Oregon High School rivalry game. North Salem (the white team wasting time) beat West Salem (the black team bringing the funk). But the only thing that matters is that this happened.


  1. Pfffffft. Talk to me when you have Hot Girls w/webcams begging to follow you every day.

  2. That is an unfathomable amount of Funk in that Dunk...but why is everyone throwing up the wanking motion as a celebratory gesture? Awfully distracting.