Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Farewell Sweet Prince

News out of Blacksburg today, that long time Hokie frenemy, Brian Stinespring has been relieved of his playcalling duties. Replacing him IS....

QB coach Mike O'Cain


This may not seem like a big deal to fans of other teams, but for Beamer this is like
cleaning house. It's apparent (at least in Frank's mind) that he wants that MNC title before he retires to the hills to watch the Andy Griffith show for the rest of his days. Especially with this news coming after the additions to Shane o Beamer (greatest longsnapper in Tech history) and Cornell Brown. (hater of QB's).

Clemson fans are probably laughing at Beamer right now as O'Cain served as their OC in 2000 leading them to 75th in the nation in total offense. So he should fit right in at Tech.

The two other moves have been long coming. Beamer went out on his own and served most of his career in the ACC, specifically Beamer is a great recruiter landing some of the top national players while at USC east.

Brown is a young guy who was one of Tech's best in the long line of great defensive ends.

As far as Stiney goes, I'm kind of sad to see him go. The guy was singlehandedly blamed for everything that went wrong on the football field. Some of the criticism was warranted, some of it was not. By all accounts he's a nice guy, and he did show improvement (although I could do that with the ACC player of the year and three future NFL runningbacks) I think the main thing is there was no rhyme or reason to what he was doing. Play action on third and long, routes that take 5 seconds to develop, the "oh shit run" style of QB play. But don't worry, he's still coaching TE's. (which he never used)

Like most Hokie fans, I was looking for an established OC who had some type of identity. Specifically, the Fridge would've been great, but I assume that Maryland money he's sitting on is too much. O'cain will have the entire WR corp returning along with David Wilson. He'll have to break in young uber freak QB Logan Thomas. So basically same ole same ole. Things could go moderately well, or really really bad.

Bud Foster had no comment on the matter, he was too busy being cooler than all of us.

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