Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday afternoon Fun Bag!!!!

Well it's been a great week. First we completely troll the Royal Wedding by KILLING THE MOST WANTED MAN IN THE WORLD, Then we realize we shot him in the eye, THEN we reveal that we also had a SEAL dog. A DOG!!! Even Mother Russia gives us a stoic nod of approval.

This will be a longer Fun Bag simply because we need to address the Bin Laden Reaction.

I wonder if any of our writers has a video addressing this very issue. OH HEY!!! It's our very own Zack Stovall doing the damn thing on the stage.

A four Wheeler, a pistol, and the Stars and Stripes. Eat your heart out Michael Moore.

I mentioned the greatness of Dogs earlier. Most of you know I'm a dog lover, but let's just see what Cats were up to.


Ok now onto the usual with sports, and people getting injured.

Looks like The SNES Street Fighter game finally made it to Kazakhstan

Icehouse put it best when he said the Enya really made this video, I agree. Also, I love Enya

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, and I absolutely love Horse Races. Did you see those LOZERS in England wearing those funky ass hats. HAHAHAHAHA We'd Never do that in Amer.....Damn

Finally, If you've haven't already done so, I'd suggest reading Matt Uffords eloquent reaction of a veteran. I know we've been waving our flags and have been going all America on everyone's ass. It goes without saying, but the reason we can celebrate, or condone celebrations, or have any public reaction at all is because we have men and women in our military who know the risks, and are the best at what they do. Most of us didn't do any of the work, but we're still damn proud of it.

Now back to the irreverence of GRH, I'll leave you with my favorite meme.

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  1. If you're going to reference Street Fighter with regard to an ACTUAL fight, it had better include a helicopter/tornado kick henceforth.