Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Fun Bag!!!

Look. We've been slow lately, but it's not our fault. Blogger was down yesterday, and quite frankly we didn't care to check after 4 pm.

Plus, we know everyone reads this stuff on Sunday. Oh that's right, we have sitemeter, we know your game commenters. Especially YOU from Praha, Hlavni Mesto Praha in the Czeck Republic. You know who you are.


Brian knows what I'm talking about. RIGHT!!!

/high five

We've got some good basketball ahead of us. Unfortunately, Blake Griffin is not a part of that basketball. So just to remind you, here's a video of him dunking in high school.

Speaking of basketball. I love our country so much because cops dunking balls while on horseback elicts USA chants.

Hobbers, I know you guys like to have fun, but seriously don't do it it the park, it just really fucks up the landscaping. In other news, I really want to hang out with this guy.

Here's something new I learned this week. The rivalry between two Scottish soccer teams, Celtic/Rangers, is really a old secretarianism issue which stems from bigotry between Catholics and Protestants. It's gone so far that Celtic coach, Neil Lennon, has been sent bombs, and bullets in the mail. And recently he was just attacked on the field. I've told people not to underestimate the craziness of Scottish protestants, but I feel like we really need to put this in perspective. It's still just soccer. Nobody is going to ACTUALLY get hurt.
/Baits soccer Football fans

Finally, I know we have a lot of young graduates here. Did you graduate? You did CRAZEE things? No Way? You had, like, tons of fun, met new friends? Wait you found yourself?!?! That's, like, totally different from everyone else's experience. As a member of society I'd like to say. Welcome to our world bitch. Hope you like shit sandwiches.

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