Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

I have a strong affection for gym class. Some of you may have horrifying stories, or your teacher was a dick, but I've had nothing but positive experiences learning about physical education.

When I was real young it was kind of stupid. We did all that parachute bullshit, but it was still a break from learning cursive.

Then, in 4th grade everything changed. I got a gym teacher who didn't give two shits about actual teaching and let us just ball out of control. I'm talking basketball, pickleball, bombardment, powerball, team hand ball, and floor hockey every day.

In high school it got even better. Our teacher was so relaxed that during my free periods I'd walk into a freshman class and either hang out or join in a game.

I feel like we need to recognize our favorite games, so for this shit storm select your favorite PE game.

My selection has to be floor hockey. I love that game so much. In fact, now I'm going to start googling local floor hockey leagues.

Shit storm begin


  1. Bombardment. Being the last kid on the team still, literally back to the wall, dodging rockets from the opposing team, with your team on the sideline looking all but finished, until you drain a halfcourt shot to get them out of jail has to be one of the coolest feelings ever.

  2. While no longer politically correct, Smear the Queer could get fairly epic. I, too, wish there were a more appropriate name for the game so I could talk about it now, but it was pretty boss.

  3. Totally agree on smear the queer. But I would classify that as a school yard game, and not a PE game.

  4. You clearly didn't live in Arkansas, where the game is not only institutionalized, but varsity letters were awarded.

  5. Kickball. Because it combines the best part of dodgeball with baseball.