Friday, May 20, 2011

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Oh sure, I'm posting this on the weekend, but that's because it's important.

You may have noticed that we've slacked on the posting a little. The reason is because we're totally lazy and we have fucking lives WE'VE BEEN BUILDING UP TO AN IMPORTANT EVENT!!!

You see, we are now 7 posts away from reaching 1,000.

Yes, what started as an innocent Gchat "Hey Icehouse we should start a sports blog." Turned into a phone call "Hey Lattimer, we have a blog It's called The Ghost of Roy Hobbs" which then turned into another Gchat "How the fuck do you embed videos?" Which then led to another Gchat "who the fuck is scooter biceps?" "Oh that's Stovall" and the Rest is GRH history.

Skip until the end to get the actual shit storm

I still remember that phone call. I was walking into the library ready for my first masters class. But, damn the fact that Icehouse started this and kept it going was one of the better things in my life. That may sound cheesy, but it's true. We all put up with such bullshit during the day, and this humble little corner of the internets allow us, the writers, to hash out our love or rage of certain topics.

Icehouse once told me that a very smart individual once described our blog as "irreverent." For some reason I was really excited, because that's us. We do the real shit at work and GRH is our time to debate trivial topics like "what sport would politicians play" or "hey that dunk was awesome." However, on the same blog we'll go into ranty rant mode and talk about shit we think is wrong. We call out sportswriters when they get to high on the horses they're riding.

Some people build model trains. We make liquor bottles into actual individuals. That's what we do.

But again, we really do it for you, The Hobbers. I can't tell you how many times we get excited because someone says "hey that post was great" or "_______ is reading our blog" It really gets us motivated to find more funny videos, highlights, and topics to rant about. We've had a core group of readers, and you know who you are. We love and appreciate you.

End here for the actual shit storm
So for the actual shit storm. For you the reader. You beautiful bastards who give us feedback. The spammers from China. The rando's from Ukraine. We ask what we should do for the 1,000 post?

We're thinking of trying to pull off a podcast, which we'll fuck up, but it would be a good time. We were thinking of having an allstar cast of our best writers and commenters. Maybe even having a drinking game. (If the game is any time I say "uhhh" you are all going to the hospital)

Now, back to business as usual.


  1. You seemed to have forgotten we killed all of our fans. We killed them dead.

  2. I'm still here...the thousandth post should be what femal atheletes should be in an adult film and what would the name of that film be. If you're feeling, comfortable, risky or even a little "no homo but kinda" you can name the male co-star which would also have to be an athlete. You would probably want to give a breif synopsis of the plot too, you know, to give the title some context and for some good ol fashioned S&Gs.

    For example I would put Danika Patrick and Miss Sherapova in a film called in a film called "Fast and the Horniest" which would loosely follow the plot of any Fast and the Furious movie but with a lot more HLA.