Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monday Morning S--t Storm

Hey, what's up Cleveland. just here to see how you are, you know, checking in. I've seen your facebook updates, seems like that break up was pretty rough......

yeahhhhhhhhhh.............. I saw that. Typically my policy is to not make "you tube videos" but if that helped then whatever.

Here's the fucking thing Cleveland. YOU are now becoming fucking creepy. Nobody feels sorry for you. In fact, nobody gives a shit about you or your shitty ass state. I know you had a good thing going with Lebron, and it was fun, it was nice, but shit it's over.

I don't know how it works in Ohio but where I come from we celebrate our natives accomplishments mainly because "they got the fuck out" But no, you have hate in your heart, and you want other people to feel as miserable as you.

This whole Lebron thing baffles me to no end. Everyone is fucking splooging over this video but I want to fucking puke. Honestly, we have people of Cleveland thinking that Lebron owes them something. Fucking Americans in general think they are entitled to shit. Well let me tell you something. NOBODY OWES YOU SHIT. especially a 25 year old basketball player. We don't get political on here, but I'll simply say that I'm seeing this more and more. That is, people expecting shit just because. Or ( and the more asinine stance in my opinion) an athlete betrayed you by making a personal decision. Get fucked Cleveland. The Drew Carey show sucked anyway.

The other thing I don't get is how everyone else (non-Cleveland/the ever increasing group think seen in the sports blog world) Holy shit a guy made a business decision. He took less money to play on a kick ass team. I'm pretty sure we've all done this on every single sports video game, and LeBron DID IT IN REAL LIFE. Was "The Decision" thing a little douchey? Yeah, but we've all done some douchey things in out life. Plus I'm fairly sure 95% would jump at the chance to have an hour of TV devoted to our career choices.

Soooo uhhhhhh yeah, there's the shit storm.




  2. My only problem with LeBron bailing for south beach is that Wade will never be known as the best player in the league. Which he is (seriously).

    Cleveland is mad because he left before bringing them a championship? Maybe be mad at Dan Jones for bringing in a bunch of washed-up, journeymen, role-players and fallen superstars whose best days are (way) behind them, looking at you Shaq.

    "We saw you disappear in game 5 against Boston." Maybe he thought, "There are 5 good players on the court right now, 4 of them are wearing green. We aren't winning this in 7. Not a chance in Hell." And you know what? He was right. LeBron could've played every minute, had quintuple-doubles out the ass, and the Celtics were still gonna win that series.

    Anderson Varejao sucks.

  3. Wade is the best player in the league? What a joke. LeBron might have made a completely legitimate "business" decision, but man I hope the Heat lose every game for the rest of the season. And I don't feel bad about, who can stand to cheer for a team like that? It's like cheering for the Yankees....almost every decent sports fan wants to see them lose. The feelings many have aren't so much anger towards the Heat and the players on it, but rather desires to see them fail. It's going to be awesome to see the "Titanic of basketball" sink in time.

  4. Well let's see. Wade was the best player in the league when they won the championship. And he's been hurt ever since. He led last years Heat team to the playlets. Go look at that roster. It's depressing. Kobe couldnt get to the playlets by himself before his (fantastic) role players got there. Wade was the best player during the Olympics. There's nothing to show that he isn't the best player in the league when he's healthy.

  5. A simple understanding of the salary structures in the MLB and the NBA would show the Yankee comparison is asinine.

    In fact that whole Anon post made zero sense.